Video of the Month
Noah's Ark


A documentary about the discovery of Noah's Ark

Something you might like...

A free Bible on your iphone, tablet or computer, have a look HERE.

The ESV Sudy Bible is a great resource to have on your book shelf.

Just a thought...
A Few words from 'The Watcher'
2 Timothy 2:15 and 1 Thessalonians 5:21

This website is designed to make you think and search the scripture, dont ever 'read and believe' where man is concerned. I try to back everything up with scripture, if I get it wrong forgive me and tell me, I am not too big to admit I'm wrong.


Books to read..

These are two books I would recomend.
The Marks of the Messenger by J.Mack Stiles, and The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. Both talk about what we as Christians should be doing in our lives and the church.

Monthly thought...

John 16:33
Jesus never promised an easy time for His followers on earth, on many occasions He told us that as He had troubles so will we, so why do we constantly question God about our lives. One thing we are sure about is that God has our back and our future, He will walk beside us, and help us when we 'do' have troubles. I'ts not because we have done something wrongthat we suffer, it's because we follow Him and the world doesn't like that.
Past Challenges...

Some music from 'Down Here', this will take you to YouTube, please look them up.